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In 2012 two strong flowing rivers melted into one when we got married. From the abilities of one to the abilities of two, to the invincibility of three, our lives were set up for the calling that God has on our lives to bring about lasting change in the marketplace through love and care.  Our un-conventional, authentic way through which we partner with people through relationships proved to be how we function independently but also collectively.  We share the same heart and vision and belief that it is healthy people in healthy relationships that will create healthy organisations.

Riaan De Wet
CDW coaching & Organisational Health
Christa De Wet
General Manager, Organisational Development : AFGRI

Everything in my life prepared me for what I have been doing since the end of 2017 in my life. Through long term relationships, I came alongside Business Leaders where I council with Godly wisdom.  I am a man of Faith who reminds people of their Calling and Vision and knows that I have been called to be a plumbline in terms of decisions that affect the ethics of businesses.

I've worked with groups of people, and with individuals at every level in society and the change in hearts and minds has been evident in the stories people share with me.

I love teaching and make sure that I integrate what I teach about into my own life because of the belief that it is through real life stories that the human heart and mind transform.

I am a son of God and a faithful husband that loves and protects my wife.  I am a family man and my values of Faith, Courage, and Authenticity make me a good friend that will stick closer than a brother.

I've been partnering with SMME's for the past few years, and I've been true to my calling of being the church in the marketplace. I live to see how unconventional methods will transform the marketplace, one heart at a time.

Since 2014 I've been focussed on Culture & Leadership Development in one of the Largest Corporate Companies in SA.  I am full time employed at AFGRI Agri Services where I have the privilege to develop relevant material that is transforming the hearts and minds of people, hence transforming our culture.  

I am passionate about focussed reading (Culture, Human Behaviour, Leadership, Personal Growth) and then take the learnings and integrate it into processes that are relevant to the different environments/context we operate in. I work closely with our CEO and there is an endorsement in everything I do.  

I am a follower of Jesus Christ, happily married to Riaan and family and friends are an important value in our lives.

I've published my first book in 2015 and since then released each year a life-changing process that is applicable in Corporates, SMME,s, Schools, Churches, and different communities.

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