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It is possible to create healthy organisations,


we do the hard work of getting along with each other and treating one another with dignity and respect

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Riaan De Wet


People - Relationships - Organisations

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I am an unconventional, not a typical consultant. I believe in being a partner with an organisation rather than someone who just come and goes.


I must be invested fully, heart and mind, in an organisation to be trusted and allowed to care, influence and develop transformation of hearts and minds of your people.


Therefor, services will be unique to every organisation whether it is a small, medium or privately owned business

What we do: Coaching, Corporate chaplaincy, Culture Evangelist, Constructive thinking partner, and Kingdom Business

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Over the past 2 years, my clients have included business from a broad spectrum of industries from transport and logistics to animal feeds. The best braais and fireplaces in the world to the greatest kitchen cupboard manufacturers in Gauteng. I enjoy the diversity of my clients - to see the difference in their needs, believes, and values


All of them, although unique, have the common desires to establish a healthy organisation and not just have their believes, values and culture statements up on the wall, but in the hearts and mouths of their people.

Healthy Organisation
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A healthy organisation is a working environment in which people can realize, grow, and apply their full potential. It is an environment that is human-friendly, positive, and filled with excitement, happiness, and creativity. When an organisation is healthy, it's people work together in unity to achieve the collective vision of the leadership and organisation.


Transforming the culture of an organisation to be healthy forms the breeding ground that will pave the way for transformation and meaningful reconciliation to take effect in the workplace. Transforming the culture of an organisation with a lasting impact can only happen through the personal transformation of its individuals.


When change takes place on a personal level, it has a ripple effect that impacts interpersonal relationships and eventually whole teams and organisations.


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We are living in times where unconventional thinking is needed for solutions into traditionally conventional systems and environments.  What if one of those solutions is for businesses to take up their role in bringing about wholeness into the areas we are responsible for.

I consider it my calling to come alongside business owners and leaders to bring about wholeness to the environments we are functioning in.  We've seen how genuine love and care for people is a catalyst to bring about real change, and I believe that it is this that differentiates me.  I work best in organic environments where there is freedom, liberty & trust to engage in long term relationships where results can be shown over time. 


For the past 7 years, we followed an unconventional approach that brought transformation that can be measured through stories of life change in individuals and relationships.  The effect of individual transformation has started to change the cultures in organisations.


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CDW Coaching & Organisational Health

P O Box 3356, Montana Park, Pretoria 0159

Tell: 076 305 7636


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